Orifice Flanges

Orifice Flange Definition:

Orifice flange is used to measure the flow rate of the liquids in a piping system,it could be water,gas or other liquids.The orifice flanges are usually used with the orifice plates or meters in the pipe joints.

The function of an orifice flange is to provide access to a line for metering of gases or liquids. An orifice plate is clamped between a pair of flanges when installed in a line and the whole assembly is refer to as an orifice flange union. Jack-screws within the assembly facilitate removal of the orifice plate. The orifice plate, the metering device, consists of a thin plate with a concentric, square edge, circular hole in the centre. Two pressure tap-holes are drilled in each flange to measure pressure difference through the orifice.


Form of the Orifice Flange:

There are two tappings are machined into the two orifice flanges, and the position of the two tappings is opposite, commonly the tappings are sealed by a plug or a bolt. When the orifice flange is installed, the two tappings are used to put the flow rate meter. And commonly there are also one or two jack screw is machined on the orifice flanges, it is used to facilitate separating the flanges joint when inspection or replacement, the jack screw could prevent the damaging of flange sealing faces.


Type of Orifice Flanges:

The Orifice flange could be in many different types, welding neck orifice flanges, slip on orifice flanges or threaded orifice flanges. The sealing face of the orifice flange could be Raised Face(RF) or Ring Type Joing (RTJ).


Orifice Flanges of Red Earth Steels:

Commonly we supply the weld neck and slip on orifice flange in Red Earth Steels, the manufacturing standard is ANSI B16.36. Other types flange is also available to design,when the sizes are more than 24″,we should use the MSS SP-44 as the standard .Bolting position and data will as per ANSI B16.5. Red Earth Steels Flange Factory has enough experienced in design and production about the orifice flanges.