A Pipe Reducer is the component in the piping system to connect two pipes with different sizes . The reducer length is usually equal to the average of the two pipe diameters. a pipe reducer can result the changing of the flow pressure. So the pipe reducers are commonly used to change the pipe size or pipe pressure in a piping system. Generally, the length of a reducer is short relative to its diameter. The length also can be changed if necessary as per the flow of fluid.

There are two kinds of pipe reducer: Concentric reducer and Eccentric reducer.

Concentric Reducers are used to join pipe or tube sections on the same centerline. They provide an in-line conical transition between pipes of differing diameters. Comparing to the eccentric reducer, the concentric type reducer is easier and low cost to produce.

An Eccentric reducer is manufactured with the smaller end and large end not in an axis, which allows the two ends align with one side. This reducer must be installed with straight side up so that it can prevent trapping air at the pump suction. The eccentric pipe reducers allow simple connection of different sized pipes.

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