The Pipe Tee is a type of pipe fitting, it is T-shaped with two outlets, the two outlets are 90° direction change to the main line. The tee also looks like a short piece of pipe with a outlet(which is called branch). They are widely used as pipe fittings to connect pipelines with a pipe at a right angle, and are extensively used in pipeline networks to transport two-phase fluid mixtures. They are made of various materials ,various sizes and finishes.

Regarding the sizes of the main pipe and branch pipe, the tees are commonly divided to two kinds: Equal Tee, and Reducing Tee(also called Unequal Tee. The equal tee is manufactured with three same size outlets. The reducing tee is manufactured with the branch outlet smaller than the main pipe to obtain the desired flow and pressure in the piping system.

Based on the direction, the tees are also divided to the Straight Tee and Lateral Tee, the straight tee has a branch outlet in a 90°direction to the main pipe, and the lateral tee has a branch outlet in a 45°angle to the main pipe.

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